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מסלול הטיול

Day 1. Welcome to Helsinki, the cozy Finnish Capital.

Following your arrival in Helsinki and transfer to your hotel, you will be greeted by our representative in the lobby.

Day 2. Helsinki – Murmansk flight and embarkation.

After the group transfer from your hotel, you will board a chartered plane for the short two hour flight to Murmansk. There, you will board 50 Years of Victory, the most powerful icebreakers in the world, after which time you will depart Murmansk and start your journey north via Kola Bay.

Day 3. The Barents Sea.

While continuing your journey north across the Barents Sea, you will be introduced to the safety instructions which have been put in place to ensure your complete protection

– while aboard the 50 years of Victory, 

– during our expedition in the higher Arctic altitudes. You will likewise have the opportunity to become familiar with the ship and learn all about its unique icebreaking capabilities and how ice fields are negotiated. One of the highlights of this day will be a tour of the engine room – amazing! All this and more are on the day’s agenda.

Day 4-6. Voyage to the North Pole.

As exciting as reaching the North Pole will be, the three days voyage there will leave you feeling no less so. Adrenaline and awe await you as you go up on deck and witness first-hand the sheer power of our ship as it battles its way through the mighty ice fields that separate you from your arrival at the top of the world. No less inspiring will be the views and panoramas of the astonishing Arctic landscape.

Off-deck adventure also awaits you on your way north. Time, weather and/or ice conditions permitting, you will experience breathtaking helicopter rides over the icebreaker as it plows its way through the ice. For those wishing to take some time away from their new-found sea legs, a walk on the ice pack will do the trick.

Day 7. The North Pole.

Seven is more than just a lucky number; it’s the day we expect to reach the North Pole. With heart-pounding anticipation, the “Victory” will be slowly maneuvered into position at exactly 90◦ N. Welcome to the Geographical North Pole.

But this is only the start of your adventure. Disembarking from the ship, you will experience the once-in-a-lifetime thrill of standing on the top of the world. To celebrate this victory, you will join hands with the other passengers while everyone literally walks around the world during our special International Round Dance. 

Topping off the day will be our North Pole barbecue and, for the more daring and adventurous, a plunge into the Arctic Ocean.

Day 8-10. The Islands of the Russian Arctic.

During the many years that we have been operating in the Russian Arctic, we have gained a truly unique experience exploring the many Arctic lands in this region, one of the most remote in the world. It is truly our pleasure to share it and our love for these vast lands with you. 24 hours daylight gives us numerous opportunities to explore the islands of the Russian Arctic during zodiac excursions and helicopter sightseeing rides.

Given favorable weather and ice conditions, exploration of the Franz Josef Land archipelago is in the offering.

The Franz Josef Land archipelago can be described as:

consisting of about 190 islands most of which are reminiscent of moon craters thus accounting for its more common name the “Moon Archipelago”,

home to polar bears, walruses and many species of Arctic birds,

the location of Champ Island with its mysterious round boulders found no where else on earth,

a unique and possibly never-to-be-had-again opportunity to explore this vast landscape and photograph its natural beauty.

Day 11-13. Barents Sea.

During the three day journey back to Murmansk, you will have ample opportunity to relive your Arctic adventure sharing your favorite memories of all that has befallen you while on this voyage. And if you didn’t do so before, then take some time out to really enjoy the facilities and amenities that have been provided for your onboard comfort – a game of volleyball, a visit to the gym, a dip in the pool and a sauna followed by a massage. Or simply relax in the ship’s lounge, bar or library.

After disembarking in Murmansk, you will be returned to Helsinki where you will spend a last evening in the Finnish capital.

Day 14. Farewell to Helsinki.

Following breakfast, you will depart for the airport and your journey home. Mission accomplished!


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  • תאריכי היציאה יכולים להשתנות בהתאם למצב הרשמות / בקשות מצד החברה המארגנת.
  • סדר הביקורים יכול להשתנות.
  • לחברה המארגנת יש את הרשות לשנות בתי מלון במסגרת הקטגוריה.


The Polar Regions are perhaps the most photogenic on earth, with countless beautiful scenes presenting themselves every day. Endless expanses of ice, beaches crowded with seals or penguins, sunsets over unbroken horizons, starlit skies, and even the majestic northern lights – they all present fantastic photographic opportunities – and in order to make sure that you come home with some spectacular images we offer you the chance to learn and practice your photography alongside an experienced professional.

Our expert Photographer will be on hand to answer your questions and give advice, both in the form of on-board lectures and workshops on shore. Explore the key elements of photography in a fun and relaxed setting, with plenty of opportunities for questions and feedback. Learn how to see light in a new way and experiment with the techniques of composition and framing.


A helicopter aboard the 50 Years of Victory in our North Pole cruises lets our passengers be more than just spectators in this intrepid mission.

Time, weather and/or ice conditions permitting, you will experience breathtaking helicopter rides over the icebreaker as it plows its way through the ice. Just imagine how amazing photo ops this adventure provides!

The helicopter is also used to land on wild Franz Josef Land islands where we cannot use Zodiacs. So our North Pole passengers are never far from the action.

The helicopter landings and rides during the North Pole cruise are included.



* 1 night pre- & 1 night post expedition hotel accommodation in Helsinki, Finland, with breakfast;

* Group transfers when embarking/disembarking your charter flight Helsinki – Murmansk – Helsinki;

* Shipboard accommodation with housekeeping;

* Shipboard breakfasts, lunches and dinners;

* Coffee, tea and cocoa available around the clock;

* All shore excursions and activities throughout the voyage by helicopter;

* All shore excursions and activities throughout the voyage by zodiacs;

* Shore landings included in daily program;

* Program of lectures and informal discussions by experienced Expedition Team and guest lecturers;

* Professional Expedition Leadership;

* An expedition parka to keep;

* Waterproof boots for the duration of the cruise;

* Hair dryer and bathrobes in each cabin;

* Informative pre-departure materials;

* Expedition log with picture album on DVD;

* All miscellaneous service taxes and port charges throughout the program;

* All shipboard luggage handling;

* Personalized medical insurance covering the risks of evacuation and repatriation. Coverage EUR 100,000. Duration: cruise days only;

* Letter of Invitation. This document should be presented to the Russian Consulate in your area in order to obtain a Russian Visa. Please, contact the Russian Consulate to learn more about the procedure for obtaining a Russian Visa. Do not hesitate to contact Poseidon Expeditions if any questions arise. Let us know if you have any difficulties in visa processing.


* Airfare to and from your hometown;

* Mandatory charter flights Helsinki – Murmansk – Helsinki – cost per person USD 1,750;

* Helicopter flying time in excess of that offered for the group;

* Passport and visa expenses (if required); A RUSSIAN VISA IS REQUIRED FOR THE TRIP. THE VISA MUST BE OBTAINED BY THE CUSTOMER AND IS AT HIS OR HER EXPENSE. Please, contact your local Russian Consulate to learn more about the procedure for obtaining a Russian Visa. PLEASE, NOTE: FOR CERTAIN NATIONALITIES SCHENGEN VISA IS REQUIRED;

* State arrival and departure taxes (if levied);

* Meals ashore and supplements in respect of single hotel accommodation (if required);

* Excess luggage charges on international and local flights;

* Telecommunication services; laundry, bar and beverage charges aboard the vessel;

* Luggage, cancellation insurance (strongly recommended);

* Tips for stewards and other service personnel aboard (at your discretion).

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19.7.18 31.7.18 $28,695
30.7.18 11.8.18 $28,695

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